A sneak peek on what will be coming in our store next week. Keep your eyes here frequently as they are selling like hot cakes!!

What is so special about charm packs?

1. It consists of 5 inch X 5 inch square cut fabrics. Numbers can range from 20++ to 50++ pcs. For Free Spirit products normally between 20 t0 30 pcs, whereas for MODA it can be from 20 to 50 pcs; at about the same price.

2. You can have bits of every design in the collection. Interesting, right? (Wat jamu mata, of course we cant afford to buy all design).

3. Because it is precisely pre-cut, it’s hassle free especially if you want to make quilts.

4. Many easy and beautiful products can be made from it. You can search for MODA Bake Shop and select ‘charm packs’Β  for tons of ideas on what to do. Two of it has been featured here (look at my previous post on Whimsy Charm Pack).