Look at the code number at each pattern, and here is their respective design’s name

11420-11 Petal Paradise

11427-11 Petal Universe Dot

11424-11 Petal Twigs Bud

11422-11 Petal Plumage

11423-11 Petal Dahlia Dreams

11420-12 Lilac Paradise

11424-13 Lilac Twigs Bud

11423-13 Lilac Dahlia Dreams

11422-13 Lilac Plumage

11421-13 Lilac Eves Garden

11425-13 Lilac New Growth

11426-13 Lilac Waterfall

11424-21 Ivory Petal Twigs Bud

11423-16 Ivory Petal Dahlia Dreams

11421-11 Ivory Eves Garden

11426-13 Ivory Petal Waterfall

11425-13 Ivory Petal New Growth

11421-21 Ivory Petal Eves Garden

11423-12 Buttercup Dahlia Dreams

11424-22 Buttercup Twigs Bud

11427-12 Buttercup Universe Dot

11422-12 Buttercup Plumage

11421-23 Ivory Lilac Eves Garden

11421-14 Foliage Eves Garden

11427-16 Ivory Universe Dot

11422-23 Ivory Lilac Twigs Bud

11425-14 Foliage New Growth

11425-13 Lilac New Growth

11426-13 Lilac Waterfall

11421-12 Buttercup Garden Eves

11425-12 Buttercup New Growth

11426-12 Buttercup Waterfall

I have planned for this once i saw Eden out in the market. I’ve always love Lila Tueller’s choice of colours. At first i’d a hard time deciding whether to make pre-order for Chez Moi’s Hunky Dory of Lila Tueller’s Eden. Both collection are sugar sweet colours, flowing pastel florals; just my fav type of colour pallettes. Then i saw that Hunky Dory is already in Zura’s pre order list of fabric so if you’d love to order that, just make a selection from her store. However, if you’d love to have Eden, why don’t you stop here and take a closer look at her fabulous collection.

How to make order?? Click on my ‘CONTACT’ page.

For this month i’ll have 2 series of pre-order running simultaneously. The other one will be out in  a few days time and it’s about books and panel fabric. Stay tuned!